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i haven’t eaten in 12 hours and it just occurred to my body that i am, in fact, hungry

living on my own is going to be one wild ride

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Here are all the Mega Man villains compiled.

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oh my god so i’m reading about the side effects on one of my #medications and apparently it has caused such adverse effects as “spontaneous orgasm” and “breast enlargement”

clearly i’m getting the short end of the stick here

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they actually have a really good discussion of consent and aren’t victim blame-y at all

u go

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there’s this drug/alcohol/sexual violence course that i have to take for school and cheesy as it is, they managed to keep the sexual violence section completely gender neutral and idk i just think that’s pretty cool

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I’m still in the pet hall so I was wondering if my roommate was bringing a pet. I found her on fb and her profile pic is her kissing her dog.

I guess that answers that question.

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Get The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection for Free


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I fucking hate EA and origin but i love the sims. 

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got my dorm assignment!!!

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